Monday, May 16, 2011

vivir te buscas una muerte lenta y dolorasa

Shit kinda got bummered and my output suffered. No excuse cause I've been pretty stationary. No more money for film, no more money for much of anything. In the north this is not a problem. Some type of hustle is always right around the corner if you got the will. The south is definitely indian country. Peeps are much more closed down here, focused on their own deal. Plus you can't squeeze blood out of a stone.  It's also filled with int'l hippies.  You can't do business with these people.  The mexi-hippies that come down here are just looking to rip a man off and bang a dreaded white girl from the UK.  I really miss the cholos.  Going to Mexico City tomorrow.  Plan is to try to get this leg of the trip funded by the owner of Telmex's daughter.

I decided to not post my TJ pics just yet. I'm in the process of writing something a bit more substantial to go along with it. I give you a bit of baja and a bit of San Diego.

SD at first sucked cause it was directly compared to TJ.  After hitting L.A. tho, I really appreciated it.  If you have the money it can be pa-ra-dise.  Shouts to my O.B. homies, ducking the east county boys.

This is actually from January at a spot on the pacific called YELAPA in Jalisco.  Truly the most relaxing place on the planet. No cars, only 2 cops, rad locals and riiiiiich tourists with taste.  I was sleeping on the beach with my man Antonio Chippy.  This pic is from a huge cantina that was almost empty.  Wild dance party.


2 dudes I would do anything for.  Best guys I met during my time down here.

Spent a lot of time in this abbarotes. (mexican corner store ran out of a house)

The cantinas I went to in Sonora had this sign up.  REALIDAD.  Welcome to the north.

Church in Baja that was designed by Eiffel.  whoa.
Across the street from said church.

I crossed the sea of cortez by boat.  The pelican is my spirit animal.

Hitchhiking in Baja was the most relaxing way to travel.  A part from being stuck in the desert for hours at one point.  Back of a pickup is a THE way to see a country.
Oldest church in baja.  The missionaries literally wiped ALL the indigenous people by way of disease.  All part of God's plan!