Friday, November 14, 2008

All I can give,all I can give

If you haven't clicked on yesterdays bonus song you should, still on repeat. It's a beautiful life. Man last night post improv bar was so-so. I was kind of bummed on my solitary walk home. Moral of the story is you can never be depressed while riding a BMX. Seriously though, I need a slumpbuster. But before I bust my slump I have clean my room. The other day my moms woke me up and was amazed by the mess. She is a nurse that worked in AIDS care for years. She sometimes had to go with the social worker to patients' houses. A lot of them being heroin addicts. She goes "iain your room looks like a god damned shooting alley" I laugh it off and with a real concerned look in her eye she goes "no I'm serious, I've seen them before and this is exactly what it looks like". So yeah, I'm pretty sure I have to clean it up there. No theme.

Up first is T.I.'s first big single RUBBERBAND MAN off 2003's Trap Muzik. One of my favorite songs from that time period. Can't go wrong with lines like "wild as the taliban". That taliban sure is wild and I'm sure they appreciate the shout out. Osama I see you, capo status, you already know what it is.

Revisitin THE JESUS AND MARY CHAIN. Last night as I was bummingly walking back home after escorting a real mean girl back to her university residence (HAHA) this song came up on shuffle and made more depressed/happy. I love these guys and I love this song. I hate people trying to copy them though. Trying to copy the greats just makes you look like an idiot. Check out Joseph Smith when he made up Mormonism. Come on bro you ain't jesus or mohammed.

And we're going to wrap this up with the DROPKICK MURPHYS one of my top 5 bands ever. I seriously don't care what peole think about that. I know a lot of dumbasses like them moreso now that they haven't gotten really big. Fuck it, they make great and original music. This song is THE WARRIOR'S CODE about the great boxer Micky Ward. A guy who has lost a lot but is probably the most gutsy and courageous fighter ever. His trilogy of fights with Arturo Gatti is legendary. Their first fight gives me goosebumps every time I watch it. This song is a real depression buster for me. ENJOY.

Bonus time:

I was once called a modern day James Joyce not because I was good at writing but because I was a drunken asshole. So I'm going to hit you with the folk song that inspired the book Finnegans Wake. When I die I want a funeral in my house (or in a bar) with tons of booze and my corpse well exposed. My late grannie tried to keep my seanair(grandfather in scots gaelic) in her house but the stupid municipal council wouldn't let her. Jeeze I loved my grandparents. I would just sit down and listen to them telling me stories for hours. A lot of them had to do with whisky. It's in my blood, I have to drink. The song has a really good intro, hook it up. Happy Fridays children!

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