Friday, December 19, 2008

Tina's doing her dance, Jon's looking for romance

I think I might start posting as another one of my alter egos. "L'enfant terrible", not as catchy as B.B.C. but I don't know I'm just feeling that these days. Today we have a REALLY random grab bag of videos for you to enjoy. I can't believe how cold it is right now. I'm dreaming of white xmas is stupid.

Let's start his party up with some good old gospel music. JOHNNY CASH, ROY ORBISON and 2 other guys. Xmas tribute to Elvis. The song is called THIS TRAIN IS BOUND FOR GLORY. They have to whole special up at pretty intense stuff.

Next up is LADY SOVEREIGN! Video for her new song I GOT YOU DANCING. The video is pretty cool (references to clockwork orange AND the warriors). I also never realized that she had a real pretty face. A female friend of mine hung out with her in her tour bus in MTL and apparently she's super nice too. I think she would make a legit GF.

Lady Sovereign - I Got You Dancing

And finally we have a really a shitty group LEN. Now I have an explanation for this. This past month I have been OBSESSED with 1990's teen movies. I have watched Kids, Hackers, Idle Hands, American Pie and the Katie Holmes epic GO (which I watched last night). Anyways these movies make me all warm and fuzzy inside (well maybe not kids). On the GO soundtrack there was IF YOU STEAL MY SUNSHINE by Len. I know it sucks (I hated it back then to) but it just reminds me of being a 13 year old kid and I like that. Also for people who have been wondering what my blog post titles are they are lyrics from shitty one hit wonder style songs like this one, I am starting to run out though.

Finally what are other 90's teen movies I should watch? ( They can be comedies, dramas, horror whatever). I think I'm gonna do a Scream/I Know What You Did Last Summer double feature soon.

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Cruel Intentions, clueless, dangerous minds, dead man on campus, empire records et road trip