Wednesday, April 1, 2009

You ask me what I meant by

I really shouldn't be updating now but whatever. Newish hip hop (some clips are a bit old but the artists are still considered up and coming).

KIDZ IN THE HALL - DRIVING DOWN THE BLOCK. It has the obvious american hipster rap sound but I like it. The video is original but they could have went with a more traditional clip and maybe gotten more success. Very similar in sound the Cool Kids - Black Mags... who copied who?

Next is a mental song I am really digging K.R.E.A.M. by U-N-I. An obvious homage to the wu tang classic about sneakers (kicks rule everything around me). If the dude didn't have a cheesy frohawk I would back this group 1 million %. This song is making me think that summer is soon and that I'm gonna need a fresh pair of overpriced sneaks to look amazing in. I can't wait.

Finally we have a dude who's heralded as the next eminem but he has a calmer demeanor and is a great example of what white rappers can be. To me hip-hop works if you're talking from an honest point of view. ASHER ROTH - I LOVE COLLEGE. His voice could be a bit better but the subject matter hits me real close to home. I can't wait for my temporary-edge to be OVER. Pretty sure there's a Weezer sample in there which is pretty damn cool.

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we saved latin said...

hey have you listened to all of asher roths mixtape? its really worth checking out if you haven't!