Sunday, August 23, 2009

endless days of marching through hellish boglands

This guy (author Joseph Conrad) truly expresses the hell of writing shit you have to write but don't really want to. If you've been to gradschool and aren't some nerd who ends up being a prof you can relate to this. F. M. L.
3rd Aug. 98
I am not dead tho' only half alive. Very soon I shall send
you some Ms. I am writing hopelessly but still I am writ-
ing. How I feel I cannot express. Pages accumulate and
the story stands still.

I feel suicidal.

Drop me a line and tell me where and how you are. If
you could come down it would be an act of real friendship
and also of charity.


I am afraid there's something wrong with my thinking
apparatus. I am utterly out of touch with my work and
I can't get in touch. All is darkness.

Ever yours


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