Saturday, October 31, 2009

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Halloween is the greatest night of the year. It's the one thing whites have that is as old a tradition as first nations stuff.... It's also the greatest night of the year. For my entire "legal aged to drink" life I attended the historic HALLOWEEN HARDCORE in Ottawa. For the past 2 years you could tell the Hardcore aspect of the show has slowly been dwindling. Where once you would be guaranteed some good costume mosh now you only get to hang with death metal kids and over the hill garage rock dudes. This year I break with tradition and I am forgoing the legendary event. Only 1 band I like on the bill and a couple that I hate. Instead I am hitting up a party and I will have shitty costume due to my lack of funds. I did Oedipus 2 years ago and I might just do Cesar whilst getting moped out. Or a "To Catch a Predator" contestant.

The 3 videos I give you are all PERFECT Halloween fare... get into it.

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