Tuesday, December 15, 2009

there is none but he who's being I do fear

Sup been neglecting this like I do the one's I truly care about in real life...

It would seem that a certain air of melancholy has been blowing throughout my life these days. Got days when I'm trying and succeeding at being the most posi I can be but the blues be a tenacious vibe. Just got that kind of edge some days and act like a dick. Just did an audition today and feel like I really fucked it up... Just got home rocked a gâterie and decided to update.

Theme of the day is people repping their set. Good or bad days you always have to rep your set. So we got my boy SANS PRESSION, one of the greatest rappers of all time in any language. This is his first video and his first exposure to most young fancophones in the 90s. Essentially, some had tried at hip hop in Québec in the 80s and most was ridiculed by Québec hip-hop fans. Some little nuggets here and there but nothing that made a Québec kid say "Imma rap in own language". We all loved hip-hop coming from France. They had the shit on lock back then, the result was a bunch of bitches trying to sound French. Sans Pression came on the scene and just dropped an atomic apocalypse inducing bomb on the music industry. In the fire and smoke that followed real Québec rap was truly born. French rappers even acknowledged his impact. Check L'ÉTAGE SOUTERRAIN and try to appreciate the historic importance of this video.

Next up is the hip hop collective from Québec City, 83. The next big step in making Québec as a whole a "hip hop positive society". 83 had been evolving independently of the Montréal scene in a lot of ways but were obviously allowed to exist because of the door SP had opened for serious rap. 83 were more inspired by Wu-Tang, Onyx and West Coast rap vs Sans Pression's NYC style. 83, claimed their low income working class Québec City hood but they talked more about weed, booze, skate boarding and fighting. Sans Pression talked about the game and street life in more macro terms, the seriousness of the game and what have you. 83 on the other hand seemed more like the diary of wild style youth. They were like those kids who were crazy and committed crimes but had never been caught by the police (or any others). That pure and honest braggadocio of having stupid fucking friends. 83 also gave shout outs to all cities and towns and toured extensively which made hip hop VERY popular in rural 100% white francophone neighborhoods.

Finally we have MALUCA. Kinda recent Mad Decent signee. Very simple beat, very simple lyrics and a very good song. No point in putting fat on this. We get to hear Puerto Rico in hip hop without having to involve reggaeton . I like it! Anyways this girl Maluca here, if she has any more good songs like this, she will be fucking HUGE. Way bigger than Santigold but under M.I.A. Still, I'm excited about this artist she's a good example of what women in hip hop/electronic music can be (i.e. not a whore, lesbian/murderer or dance slut).

El Tigeraso

MALUCA | MySpace Music Videos

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