Sunday, January 24, 2010

purple is chill

Went to the bar alone last night. My metamorphosis into a grumpy old man has begun. Sat at the bar at the dom with my single use cameras and made some friends. I think I creeped out some girls when asking to take their pic but you know what? fuck it. Compared to The Situation I think I'm a pretty polite dude and if you're gonna weird out over that... whatever. Back to the music.

This was pop-rap backs in and it's STILL harder than the BS of today. If you saw the movie good hair you know that Pepa's asymmetrical hairstyle is due to a hair relaxer accident.

Cameo was a proto-soulja boy. I think R.Kelly should cover this song.

The guy who made these videos possible. BIG SHOUTS to the city Buffalo and western New York.

Pics will be up as soon as I scrounge the cash to develop them haha.

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