Sunday, March 14, 2010

le fil des évènements

Had a pretty wild weekend. Was in a play and I hope/think I didn't embarrass myself. I think I lost an almost finished single use which REALLY pisses me off. That being said I found some pics on my hard drive from the national improv tournament.

Starting with portraits from the Université Laval team. Maybe the club I have played with the most over the years on the circuit. This dude has been around as long as me and he's really good.

The guy on the right won most sympathetic player. Nice guy. The woman was also on the historic Laval team.

This guy is from an engineering school and he pretty much always wins the crowd favorite award.
I think she's a first year on U d M. I think she will inherit my girl Véro's mantle.
Dude was also on UdM he kinda didn't want to get photographed. He will be their best player going forward.

A pic from my classical acting class. Both girls pictured are my scene partners.
semi finals
Good ole R.C.
This girl's nickname is fille which literally means girl.
This is her sleeping hahaha.

The gun.

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