Tuesday, March 30, 2010

oddly disjointed yet ultimately satisfying

Dominion chronicles continue. I like it cause I stay more true to my portrait game when I go there vs other environments. My finger is really prevalent on this roll.

Marie-Ève and Emanuelle.

I like this picture even though it's all warped.

Everybody loves my toque.

The upper left corner of the frame sure is an interesting place.

This is my girl FATOUMA. One of my favorite persons in life. The clenched fist really represents her well.

This to me is a good example of a more real facial representation of joy compared to your normal "camera smile".

Good Ole Biss. She gets a rare double portrait cause she brought the god damn pain.

My boy Joel I work with him in this political group on campus. This kid is going far in life. I also love the background and lighting here. Good work BBC.

Still here.


MY BOY BIZ FROM LOCO LOCASS. That night was amazing and good beer N politics action.

I think this is by far the best of my "finger portraits" It's almost as though she's actually witnessing this giant glowing blob. This is a great real reaction which is what I try to get.

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