Tuesday, May 18, 2010

men and women who never came back only to be ignored by those who sent them there

I got a god damn wry neck. I feel like I need to be more aggressive in my photo game. Here are series of pictures that are almost completely unrelated to each other.

My girl So-Slak. She's one of the hardest people to read on earth.

Took this shot directly after a play I was at. My friends were in this wild play where they played a million different characters by wearing a bunch of different masks. Their white makeup is faded due to the fact they were running around a lot.

Marie-Hélène chilling at the dom.

Kayla out drank dudes from rural northern Ontario. I would cast her in beer commercials.

Marie-Pier was already cool as fuck then she went and shaved her head. A very talented artist I am sad to say peace to. Watch out Québec City. Cropping is weird due to the photolab.

Not the best picture BUT the best dude. The Vervillian beast.

This is Froelich my classical acting prof. One of the best profs I have had the chance to work with. Nicest guy.

Africat. Blood.

Les Chinois aux Chinois.

A poor soul. Photo by M-H.

Pic was taken at like 5 in the morning at Zak's. One of those nice little pics that surprise you when you get them developed.

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