Wednesday, August 25, 2010

the picture that comes

Went to the Dom with Myriam. Had no camera my gut just gave me death like cramps until I went and purchased an overpriced Kodak. I always buy bargain brand PRO CLICK. No good pics to be had at the Dom and I felt like an ass for dropping a Laurier on a disposable. Then as we walk towards Mello's we see a big ass commotion. Either a good beef session or an entertaining homeless man. My hypotheses were both proven to be wrong, it was a psychotic djembe fest, obviously. It was filled to the brim with ed hardy style douches. A good portion of these douches were of middle-eastern origin so they were getting their folk on. Combined with drunk as fuck whites getting in touch with themselves. It was pure paganism, a cult to Dionysus. These are the visual records. I was also dancing when I realized this was a gift from the ghost of Karsh.

I think this guy was more disappointed in youth than happy his drums were popular.

This guy had the same idea but one upped us with poutinage.

Hippy was bummed

Someone should shop this one into a meme.

One of the greatest moments EVER captured on film.

Also met my dog Dave Dave and some of his friends. Watch Yugoslavian black wave movies with him the other night. GREAT STUFF.

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