Friday, November 19, 2010

"can't they play any good songs? like celine dion or union gap?"

In 2003 I was hitch hiking through the wilds of very British Columbia and I missed Miles Between Us' last show. They played another show with Mental a few months later but it wasn't the same as a true last show.  Now I'm in Mexico and Buried Inside have played their final show.   You might not know these bands but both were very important in my musical upbringing.  As a younger boy when I discovered the local hardcore scene it really blew my mind and set me on the path I'm on today.  Looking for any cultural nook or cranny I can find.  I remember thinking I liked heavy music before seeing B.I.  I had no clue on how heavy one could be.  B.I. was great cause as my tastes became more refined I saw new things in songs I had been listening to for years.  BURIED INSIDE R.I.P. MCNABB R.I.P. CLUB SAW R.I.P.Ottawa's pretty much on life support right now.

Video from last show shot by the Ottawa H.C. LEGEND the Laminator.

Pictures and shit.

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