Thursday, January 27, 2011

en serio foo

Combo norteno y Guadalajara. Gotta say, GDL was a dope place and I barely scratched the surface. Chilled on NYE at an exchance student party. Pure wildness. Met some kids chilling downtown and ended up going out to the bar with them. That and the girls are MTL - NYC level hot. I done bit my fist a lot.

Bone brigade...

A bar that was like the dom but with way shittier music.

Met the dude at the hostel. Met the Mexican sisters at a party in a nice condo. Ended up driving their car post bar, sleeping on a couch and getting a ride from their moms in the morning. Felt like high school. Big city Mexican driving was fun. Gotta love the aggro look on the left of the frame.

The chicks kept ordering these sugary ass shots. I nearly puked in the bar.

The god damn tequila tour. Jalisco is the birthplace of the shit. Unlimited tequilla on the tour. An alcohol buffet for a half scot half québécois is like a garanteed death. The whole group ended up getting BUCK as shit. The van ride on the the way back was some Daytona Beach nasty ass spring break party shit. I turned into a guido for a bit hahaha. This is a dude who harvests the agave cactus for the devil tears.

Chapultapec boulevard in Guadalajara is a cool spot. In the middle of the street there's like a park lane where a bunch of kids skate and chill. Took some pics.

Met some cool kids there too.

The exchange students I met were cool but they all studied int'l business.... The GDL kids I met were all in either industrial or fashion design. Way more fun to talk to.

Kid lived in MTL for half a year liked the HABS and knew about Celtic F.C. Great guy.

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