Monday, February 14, 2011

que mothafuckin transa

Yo lost my god damn yashica in Cabo.  That place is a money vortex if I ever seen one.  Still gotta give a big shout to the door guy at the hotel Casa Blanca as well as my new friends from San Diego (thanks for the knife!).  Nevertheless, I still got a pretty sweet olympus to get my fotog on.  I really would take more cliches but I swear all the best spots I hit are kind of no foto areas.  Fuck around and get your head cut off.  In a way that's cool but I wish I could share some of the insane visuals.  Cock fighting training camp was a high light of my soon to be old life. 

Still, I found this decent looking BYOB electro party in Tijuana (where I'm at ahorita).  Let's hope there's a good ammount of peeps.  Hard to top a Sonoran shithole cantina in my mexican nightlife experience.

Shit, should also say I was living at this cool surf spot in a makeshift squat with a real road warrior from B.C.  I was like yeah I'll stay the night and stayed a week.  Up there in really nice memories.  Shame I lost those pics with my unique as fuck Yashica.  Whatever, just hope the tweaker who found it sells it to a hipster or something. 

Wanted to get a fucked up guadaloupe tat in TJ but the prices are the same as in Canada.  You know I'll take an infectious disease for a bargain but fuck that, I gotta eat.  Still I think the tat will go up when it can but it would have been ill to say I got it in TJ.  fuck mario jean.

Shouts to Scarred Luv, Ska Jeezy, Paul G pass and all you fucks.  Not at all missing home but it would be unfathomably wild having some of you at my side dodging the municipales. 



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cosette said...

hey! mr ian my french canadian friend.
im cosette from doratto @ tj.
if i knew that u wanted a tattoo i would take you. i have a couple of tattoo artists friends. saludos mr