Thursday, September 8, 2011

"faith is a dirty bitch, but she can get you in and out of trouble. Reason? she's a beautiful princesse you love but if you hang out with too much can make you deadly boring." -BIG BABY CAMPBELL THE UNIVERSAL DIO.

Ok my loyal friends.  No more apologies for time.  I do what I do when I do with 100% love.  Only sorry imma drop is to some Tijuana friends I should talk to more on-line.  Yo Ian yo pic got fucked up by the dangers of film photography.  You will see, it's not perfect like it could have been but there is still something to appreciate.  This will be accompanied by a semi serious essay so wait until xmas! THE REAL NORTH!  It will be cool en serio wey.  Orale today we kicking this shit insane.  I'm going to puke upon you the music shit I have been fucking with these days (and in some cases, a long ass time).  One love to jah my sisters and brothers.

Start with a deservedly HYPE song right now.   Campeon del pueblo en la casa wey.

Homie needs a sprinkle of his old style (like this song) on his new shit and he is the Mickey Ward of hip hop beating up people.

À cause c'est encore swag gros nez (pense).

C'est le théâtre local fucking bon et bizarre, honnête et on complètement éliminé le désir d'avoir du succès aux yeux des autres.  Et des fois ça te bouge plus l'intérieur que de l'art "supérieur".  Lil B yé beau (n/h lul que?) dans cte chanson icitte.

This shit is not the technically "the best" rap it's got something that gets you.  Now I won't pretend to have some super hood experience but from my journalistic and criminalistic travels I've come to get a oral history of the current and very recent situation in northern Mexico and how it interacts with the growing HOODNESS of the the american south west and Alta California (puro mexicans I'm talking about when I use the term).  So these kids are spittin to you from Denver. Ok yeah they have Carmelo Athony and shit.  But they got mad legal weed over there on that side.  They are contiguous to the southwest.  A lot of real hustlers will move round the country to make shit happen or run away from something.  Some of these foos are from the town (oakland).  I'm gonna watch Paris is Burning but these are noretenos gonna bring very probably dose of REALNESS first.  Mexican CNN.  If Rick Perry gets elected this situation will EXPLODE to levels of blood shed that are (as we speak) already eclipsing the American Civil War, The war of 1812, The Mexican American War and the Seven Years war combined. The statistically absurd amount of bloodshed of the brutal Aztec theocracy melded with the fury of the Apaches and Pancho Villa's most murderous posse, combined.  How's that for some context to what this song is connected to. 

Je give pus un fuck de ses albums (2-3 chanson legit).  mais il va chier un mixtape fucking verdad de temps en temps.  Ceci en est un.  GYEAH!

Mi proximo "about to puke" karaoke. Donde estas mi spanslish carnals wey?

This is the song I will sing AFTER I puke.  jajajaja.

A guide to Cartel, Narco and Mexibro fashion. ARGUABLY encouraging a life of carnage at a young ass age.  LOVE IT!

A 100% safe song to play in any cantina that no one will hate you for putting on and it talks about the mexican state I love most.  IMMA YAQUI. NOGALES, HERMOSILLO, GUAYMAS, EMPALME OBREGON, SAN CARLOS, PROJETE NIZA Y MARSELLA.  I see you all.  WARNING, the song I am talking about starts at 7 minutes 35.  Before that you will hear really cool Yaqui (sonora's largest first nation, closer to the Apaches than the Maya) and some kind of old school slow song by a Sonoran dude.  regreso una dia.

Staying in a south west theme.

History will Absolve my goddie Push-T

Got much love for Spank Rock and I wish the man success.  I don't think he should call out white boys for copying him cause he done imitated some white boys.  As he should, a Godard view of copying needs to apply for any hip hop wishing to truly be progressive.  I think all the rappers I linked today would agree with me upon watching the French director's oeuvre as well as some Yugoslav new wave. 

Signing off it's your hardcore blog writer aka crack slinger


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