Sunday, April 22, 2012

esto rap de culto no de insulto

Something big had to get me to post again.  Ever since my adventures in latin america I have had trouble finding interest in anything.  Dark dark dark times.  The only new shit I've been listening to is ASAP rocky and Lil B.  75% Lil B.  Odd Future have turned me off cuz they're trying too hard at being 4chan.  New new shit has gotten me stoked on music/hip hop/looking for things again; updating.  Again gotta thank the Mishka Bloglin for putting me on to this artist...    you MUST check out SOMADAMANTINA   

She's a rapper from Madrid but little else is known, she's going down the obscurantism path of publicity espoused by the witchhouse movement.  Her only "official" image is a mash up between hip hop and salafi fashion.  Lyrically she doesn't really stray far from rap orthodoxy but in spanish and coming from a woman it's pretty new and feels fresh as fuck.  The beats she raps on are dark, creepy and crawly and her flow trickles along accordingly. Like a black widow slowly spinning her web, precisely watching her step instinctively. Although I'm sure Madrid has it's share of fucked up colonias her accent makes her sound classy as hell to my Quebexican ears, although she does drop a wey.  Everything together makes her the artist I'm the most excited about since Lil B or Titus Andronicus.  If I were her manager I would get her to relocate to Tijuana.  The kids out there would eat this shit up and it's mad close to L.A..  The city better reflects all aspects of her deal.  I can't stress enough how good this is and how excited I am to see how Somadamantina's career develops. This shit is for the sophisticated and refined cholo.

DOWNLOAD HER MIXTAPE NOW released by net label Caballito (which also has some quality cumbia stuff to check out)
en serio wey


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