Thursday, August 7, 2008

A dreaded sunny day

No theme today. That's fine though cause there's always the overlying theme of awesomeness that is omnipresent.

First up at bat is one of my favorite hardcore bands of all time, YOUTH OF TODAY. I've been hearing a lot of music snobs hate on either : hardcore in general or specifically anything that isn't part of the first wave of hardcore or the almost unlistenable screamo-ish subgenres (note that I said almost because I listen to some of that as well). These kids used to listen to this but now listen to garage rock influenced punk and drink way too much. I also drink way too much but I don't forget my ROOTS. Ok, so this song is called NO MORE off We're Not in This Alone which came out in the super important hardcore year of 1988. I picked this song because it has a music video for it and that is really rare for HC bands of that era. The song did a lot to get vegan/vegetarian ideals inside of hardcore which is pretty cool. Now mind you, the video is hilariously low budget but the parts with Ray Cappo in the varsity jacket are pretty cool. You can feel the youthful energy and honesty which is rare in a lot of bands we like. Also, HC pioneering fashion styles once again. There are designer varsity jackets that go for ridiculous cash these days when HC bands have been making their own for years. Too much talk not enough rock. do it.

Deuxièmement is MALAJUBE. A Québécois indie group with French lyrics that has actually gotten attention in the English Canadian (and American) media which is very rare. They have also said they won't ever sing in English. Not enough French kids get this. Like in punk or indie the chances of making millions is pretty rare so why bend over backwards to sing in English when doing it French will give you cool kind of niche appeal to the losers over at pitchfork. (ironically coming from a French guy writing his obscure blog in English!) You might recognize this song as it was featured on a rogers wireless commercial... Whatever I'm not going to hate on a brother stacking his paper high. The video is beautifully animated as well. Anyways I love this band and you should to.

In conclusion we have the best rappers alive THE CLIPSE. Every single music critic in the world has the veiniest of bones for these guys and with good reason. These guys are the living incarnation of The Notorious B.I.G. in terms of never ever dropping a line, toughness and pure style. The song I chose is off the upcoming Re-Up Gang album (their larger group featuring Sandman and Ab-liva). Now what's interesting about this song is that it is on a Scott Storch beat as opposed to the constant collaboration with The Neptunes. In their past mixtape there's been a feeling of friction between the longtime buddies. Having a non Neptune beat makes me feel like they might have a broader Top 40 appeal. I say this because they always got the best and therefore weirdest Neptune beats. So I give you the low budget video (by rap standards) for the song FAST LIFE. Take some time to listen to these great lyrics.

No bonus features when there is no theme of the day. Stay gold!

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