Thursday, August 7, 2008

good ol' boyz n tha hood drinkin whisky an' rye

It's back to theme time. Boy, I know you love dem themez.

Whenever I ask some girl that looks uninteresting what music she's into, 7 times out of 10 she will give a vague answer like "I'm into every type of music apart from country". Well folks, that's one of the shittiest things a person can say. Country and related genres offer us sweet tracks. The theme today isn't necessarily country but songs that make me want to move to North Carolina and live on a farm with other artists and fucking enjoy the Appalachian mountains and sit around a campfire every night. So it's more like country-swamp-acoustic rockish folk themed.

To begin we have one of the only English Canadians I truly love. The list is small, it includes Terry Fox, some but not all close friends and NEIL YOUNG. Good lord this man is a genius. I once obliged an ex girlfriend to listen to all of Harvest while getting drunk instead of going to a club. And it's shit like that that makes me love the face I see in the mirror every morning. The song is Old Man a pure bone chilling classic. Deal with it.

The next band on our journey is probably my favorite 70's band, (including early punk and anything else that would seem cooler) CCMFR. What you don't know who CCMFR are? well it's an acronym for CREEDENCE CLEARWATER MOTHER FUCKING REVIVAL. Most of you will know them by their later name of CCR (The label made them take out the mother fucking). The song is Lookin'out My Back Door. I picked it cause it seemed more rural than other options. People thought it was about drugs when it first came out but apparently it was written for John Fogerty's 3 year old kid. Kinda fucked up that in our modern society if you like to dream you're either a 3 year old or on acid... (wow that sounded lame). The video also contains leather pants!

In closing we have one of my favorite straight up human beings of all time, KRIS KRISTOFFERSON. This guy has to be the coolest and most badass dude of all time. He made the cover of sports illustrated when he was in university cause he excelled at rugby, football and track and field. He also was a fucking RHODES SCHOLAR in English literature. After that he did a stint in the Army, rising up to the rank of captain. He was writing songs during that time and once he got out started an amazing music career after which he became a celebrated actor appearing in a lot of Sam Peckinpah's films. He wrote Me and Bobby McGee which is the song that Janis Joplin is most remembered by. The clip I chose is of Sunday Mornin Comin Down off his first album and that was made ultra-popular by Johnny Cash. In this video he breaks into laughter a couple of times, probably due to the fact he is surrounded by like 30 cowboys. My dream is to be like him. I am doing a Master's, I am in the process of recording shitty electro-rap songs and I am appearing in a shitty movie. I have nick named myself K.K. Junes (aka Kris Kristofferson junior). Enjoy the amazing song.

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