Sunday, August 24, 2008

I'm just gonna concentrate on you

I went to a good house party last night. You know I'm not gonna lie I started drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon just to look cool but god damn does it go down easy. It's like drinking spring water that gets you nice and toasty. Granpa likes his juice. You know I'm like a scrap booking maniac but instead of scrap booking I love drinking. Ooh la la. Today being the lord's day I wanted to take it easy and not think of a theme. As I got into grabbing songs I got sucked into theme-ery. Today we look at the video work of legendary director SPIKE JONEZ. I'd love to have his job, too bad the video medium is dying. No more videos on MTV, MusiquePlus or Much just reality tv shows about hulk hogan's son fucking up kids with his car.

Alright, let's attack this in chronological order. 1992, Spike's 2nd major video. 100% by SONIC YOUTH. To me, this video more resembles his film work than the rest of his music video oeuvre. This is Sonic Youth at the beginning of their major label career at the time they were getting Nirvana some attention as well Spike Jones himself. This wave is a bit more accessible than their older stuff. The song is supposedly about the murder of Joe Cole who was Henry Rollins' BFF. Current big time actor Jason Lee is in the video as well as Kim Gordon's bass was borrowed from Keanu Reeves! there's some trivia for you.

1993, Scottish band TEENAGE FANCLUB. The video is probably one of Spike's least cool. No weird concept or nothing. The band is pretty sweet but the album this song is off of got destroyed by critics. This was probably due to the fact that they got way too much critical love earlier in their career. Like bukake levels of critical jizzing. Their previous album "bandwagonesque" beat out Nirvana's Nevermind in Spin's year end record of the year poll. Whatever, this song (HANG ON) is good. I also gotta rep my Glasgow set.

1995, now we move into the big budget shit. Sweet french house groupe DAFT PUNK. DA FUNK is the song. And the video is a fucking MAN DOG chilling in NYC. Nuff fuckin said.

1997. Another NOTORIOUS B.I.G. song, SKY'S THE LIMIT. Probably one of the best video's ever. A posthumous Biggie track. Little kids fill in for lil cease and co. Just seeing children having fun in the hip hop high life kinda evokes the childhood dreams a young Christopher Wallace had of leaving his world of squalor. This shit is inspirational, get inspired.

bonus shit:


Weezer have always been WAY overrated in my eyes, like Lil Wayne overrated. This video is still a mental concept and the song is nice, maybe half chubb worthy.

Spike Jonze = best video director of all time.

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D said...

"hey kool thing, c'mere, sit down beside me." my absolutely favourite sonic youth track.