Monday, August 25, 2008

Stranger it feels, yeah

Here we go again with another stupid England post. We're going to talk about Britpop today. I will also use the term Britpop as broadly as possible. I will do this because I hate overeager loser asshole music journalists, ESPECIALLY in England. Always trying to invent some new stupid movement. I'm including Madchester (idiotic name) Britpop (anything with the meaningless word Brit in it is idiotic) NWONW which stands for fucking NEW WAVE OF NEW WAVE. How fucking STUPID is that name? These kids are lucky their music is good because these names are almost as bad as pre Nelson Mandela South Africa, real talk. So yeah whatever the theme is 1989-1997 guitarpop from england or how bout I create a new dumbass name. COUNTER-GRUNGE. (grunge being another stupid as fuck genre name.)

Up first is BLUR the song GIRL & BOYS off the album Parklife the shit really blew up that scene. Dj Orgasmic samples this song on Cuizinier's Pour les filles vol.3. Shit has longevity. This is one of my favorite videos ever.

ELASTICA. I like them more than Blur. The lead singer Justine Frischmann was the girl Damon Albarn was sticking at the time. I think they would have been bigger than Blur but they had trouble coming up with a follow up album because they were a bunch of druggies. If only they had listened to Project X to show them the way... The song is STUTTER and i listen to it like once a day. Justine was also M.I.A.'s roommate. I dream of the lesbo roommate munch downs they might have had.

Aaaaaand we have OASIS. DON'T LOOK BACK IN ANGER. A track that a lot of people including my moms and the band themselves thought was sort of a Beatles rip(inspired by). My favorite song of there's. I love Oasis cause they are like the hugest assholes in the world. Beefing with everybody, fitty is totally biting their style. They had a battle of Britpop with Blur. Overall I'm pretty sure Blur takes it but Oasis has their moments fer sure (especially in their Man U hate).

STONE ROSES, FOOL'S GOLD. Technically proto-brit pop but WHATEVER you already know what I think of all that. As you can hear it is a heavily sampled track.

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