Tuesday, August 19, 2008

not even on crutches

Sup bitches and bitchettes, big baby campbell getting back on his bloggin grizzy right about now, let's make this happen. Today's theme will be related to one of the things I hate the most in the entire world. England. I fucking hate England. My dad is Scottish(f.o.b.) my mom is Québécoise it's in my genetic make up to hate the vile country. There is one thing I do like about them that isn't Kiera Knightley related though, their pussy ass 80's music. Whenever I want to listen to sappy depressing shit I turn to 1980's England.

First off on our broken anglo heart hitlist is NEW ORDER. Out of the ashes of the arguably better and more depressing Joy Divison rises New Order. Both names had to do with Nazi Germany.... ughh I guess they didn't have shaved heads and suspenders so it's cool to like them? Anyways after Ian Curtis killed himself the surviving members wanted to be more Dave Grohl than Kris Novoselic and carry on making music and capitalize on a suicide. New Order being much more synthesizer infused and I guess happier due to the dancier vibez. Anyways the song is BIZARRE LOVE TRIANGLE which is a kinda weird video and you can tell the director wanted to use all the video special effects he could. The song is one of my all time favorites in terms of lyrics and it was my improv team's intro song for my last game ever... the memories...

Our next song is actually pre 80's coming out in 1979. THE CURE. Back in the day when I was first starting to watch musiqueplus the lead singer Robert Smith use to scare the shit out of me. The hair and the paleness... The song is BOYS DONT CRY and this is one of my loser sappy songs that I feel immense personal attachment to. It's fuckin called BOYS DONT CRY, christ i'm pathetic. Robert Smith really bashed this period of his career because it was too superficial. I, however, am super superficial and postpunk/new wave appeals to me way more than his "goth"rock phase. The video is really cool but it's a remixed version of the song that was disliked by fans compared to the O.G. . I agree with this but the differences really aren't that huge. EN-FUCKIN-JOY!

Oh baby and now for the emperor of all pussies. The only celibate that gets artsy girls' vags to get crazy moist. The sad kids' bands of today have nothing on the angst that Morissey and THE SMITHS brought to the emotional table. A band that I would consider universally loved amongst punk/hc/indie kids. I being the black sheep (but sheep none the less) also fall in line for having a diamond hard erection for this band. Easily one of the most influential bands of all time. I was going to link my favorite song by them "There is a Light That Never Goes Out" but I found the video to be too abstract especially considering the NEW ORDER one was already abstract enough. So I picked a live performance from the legendary BBC show The Old Grey Whistle Test. Get those dvds to see the hugest bands ever before they broke (an unsigned bob marley!). The song is BIGMOUTH STRIKES AGAIN followed by Vicar in a Tutu. Greeeeat song. Extra points if you check out the Slapshot cover of that track. NOOF!


Yeah yeah you saw the Joy Division movie and this song clearly shows who Interpol's favorite band is... Not hating just being real.

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