Saturday, August 16, 2008

then delay my system when you are near.

I love hip hop in most of it's forms. And I do like "conscious hip hop" the whole children of KRS ONE type of thing. HOWEVER, the genre always makes the claim that it is the only "real hip hop"and everything else is fake unless you've got a guy in an Adidas tracksuit breaking while an Asian is painting graffiti. They are like a god damned religion. Well let me tell you something, hip hop was not started by whiteboys and rich blacks with the goal of educating others about shit. It was started at parties based out of dance music (disco). Hip hop is not just about becoming conscious it's also there to make you unconscious by way of partying. AH HA! you're thinking i'm gonna do a post about beach cruisers and 2 live crew, hell no. This post is about subgenres of hiphop/dance music that have emerged around the world. It's time to get your passport of awesomeness stamped were going for a ride!

Starting our trip is diplo discovered BONDE DO ROLE the coolest Brazilians this side of Renzo Gracie. Bonde Do Role have been popular amongst hipster circles for awhile now and have recently lost their lead singer (m.c.?) Marina (the girl) apparently they have replaced her by a girl who got part of her vag removed to win an mtv brasil contest... That kind of describes their overall feel. Technically the genre is called Funk Crarioca (meaning funk from Rio) but outside of Brazil it is known as Baile Funk. Baile apparently means prom. So it's all about partying. Generally simple beats with a lot of samples with sung/shouted lyrics. Bonde Do Role being my only live Baile Funk experience and I gotta they say that it's pretty mental. The song is OFFICE BOY because I like the video the most that being said you should all download/buy their album WITH LASERS.

Moving from Portuguese to Spanish we are going to explore the world of Reggaeton. Another misleading name. Where Baile Funk doesn't sound like Funk Reggaeton doesn't really sound like reggae. This type of music started by afro-panamanians translating their favorite reggae hit. It's modern form though comes from the "Dem Bow" beat which was popularized by dancehall reggae artist Shabba Ranks. It's a beat that goes sorta goes like "boom-ch-boom-chick". This beat is like on every single Reggaeton song and it's the main thing that differentiates it from hispaniphone hiphop. Most of the genre's artists come from Puerto Rico (where american hip hop had an earlier influence.). You probably heard of the featured artist DADDY YANKEE who really broke reggaeton into mainstream music. The song is called GANGSTA ZONE chosen due to it's toughness. It also features Snoop.

Finally we have an as of yet unnamed genre. Electro hip-hop, synthpop etc. I call it electro hip-hop. It's biggest point of origin would be in France and has spread in the francophone world. Montréal now spawning the more artists. Essentially hip-hop on dance influenced or sometimes straight electro dance beats. The lyrics also are devoid of any politics or tough guy stuff. It's generally about clothing and fucking. Needless to say I eat this shit up. It is NOT to be confused with traditional French hip hop which has existed for a long time. France is the second country to have adopted hip hop and the sound is very very east coast. TTC is the biggest group out of this new genre and the group I will feature. TTC is not the toronto transit commission, it stands for Teki Latex, Tido Berman and Cuizinier, the three MCs of the group. Yelle also falls into this genre although a bit less hip-hop. The video I chose is TRAVAILLER. Spankrock (who have worked with Cuizinier) are similar but to my knowledge have evolved independently of the French influence. Enjoy this sweet video.

Our bonus track is a TEKI LATEX solo song featuring franco-belgian popstar Lio, it's called LES MATINS DE PARIS. People in France have been criticizing that TTC are becoming too pop I don't really have a problem though. Apparently their next album is going back to the roots. This video is really beautiful, get psyched.


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