Tuesday, August 5, 2008

thug motherfuckers with our microphones out

One thing that I want to use this blog for is to talk about music that I really love and some people might not know about yet. Cutting and pasting youtube links will be a huge part of this blog. So let's get this started.

First off we have Françoise Hardy if you don't like her you're fucking stupid. She is one of the most beautiful people to have graced our earth. On top of that she WROTE HER OWN MUSIC which was pretty rare back in 60's pop music. She was signed to a major label before she graduated high school. Most of her lyrics had to do with being sad and I being a guy that likes girls who are depressed makes me dig her times a million. I give you "Mon ami la rose" a song about the fleetingness of beauty and friendship... sigh.

Then we have a low budget video from Cuizinier (the C in the french electro-hiphop juggernauts T.T.C.). It's called "Message perso" it's about getting over girls. Extra points for including expensive street wear, Mario Kart and a PINK KITCHEN. I love Young Cueezy, if you didn't now you do.

And finally EARLY 90'S HAWDCORE. Hardcore is like a mix between everything you loved about fascism (cleanliness, toughness and discipline) and punk (rebellion, partying hard and fucking shit up). Judge might not be my favorite HC group but I thought this video looked good and had a good quantity of stage dives. Stage diving is the funnest thing ever. More exhilarating than having a 100% clean slate on an uncertain S.T.I. test!

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