Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Yet theres still this appeal

Ok, so the second pillar of the blog is my love of the seventh motherfucking art aka cinema!

In 1988 my mother took to me to go see Bambi. I wasn't really paying attention cause I was talking to the little girl in front of me. When I got back to paying attention I turned to my mom and asked her where Bambi's mom (who had died earlier in the film) had gone. Awkward situation for my mom fer sure. My second movie (and the one that really blew my 5 year old mind) was GHOSTBUSTERS 2. 1989, I went with my dad. I was already a huge fan of the first one but seeing the busters at the cinema put me in awe of the big screen and the big sound. From then on I was hooked. That being said the blog will allow me to talk about my all time favorites and shit I just saw. WOO.

It's taste imposing time!

One if not my favorite movies of all time is Wes Anderson's Rushmore. I still remember the first time I saw this. My mom rented it when it first came out on VHS and we watched it on the crappier T.V. in her room. Definitely a flick that grew on me over time. As I watched it more and more I realized it was like one of those huge multi-tiered sandwiches that Garfield eats. Mmmmmmmm. Basically i love it because the music is perfect (one of the best end sequences in history), the use of color gives me boners, the fact that I was a lot like max fischer in high school ( I was in every club and had shit grades) aaaand Bill Murray is my favorite actor. To put it in a really corny and pathetic way, this movie makes me feel warm inside and I wish I could live inside of it. I leave you with one of my favorite speeches of all time (up there with M.L.K's "I have a dream".)

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