Tuesday, September 2, 2008

And I could almost hear you shout down to me

I had a long long weekend. I repped my union CUPE local 2020 by partying pretty hard. I got kicked out of the dirty oak which is borderline embarassing. Whatever it was past last call. My ex gf Myriam is supposed to guestpost in the blog but until then I will give you an easy to digest WU TANG WEEKEND WRAP UP.

Up first is one of the best videos of all time. GHOSTFACE+ speed racer. Until O.D.B. recently blew my mind, Ghost was my favorite wu member. dig DAYTONA 500.

Next up we have GZA the genius. He came out with a new album recently which is apparently good lyrically but with kinda shitty beats. This song has a sweet beat. Swallow the LIQUID SWORDS.

WU TANG DA MYSTERY OF CHESSBOXING. My favorite wu group song. This is what it's all about. the odb meth ghost stretch is nuts. Jacques Cousteau can't get this low.

Bonus bonus bonus

GHOSTFACE again this time with BACK LIKE THAT. A breakup theme song... sigh. I don't let women near my digital scales no more, this song taught me that.

No dense descriptions today... wu tang speaks for itself though.

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