Wednesday, September 3, 2008

To a new paradise

Man late edition. I got my haircut tonight my mullet is gone as well as 5 pounds of hair. This evening I go all franco on your asses. Common theme is Montréal but with one clip from Marseilles because they could not be ignored.

Number one. Today's weather was pure will smith summertime. A rarity in Ottawa this so called summer. So I wanted to throw you a summer jam from the 514-450. Granted it came out in May 2007 but the video is just TOO good. Hell even rival blogger Perez Hilton featured them which is pretty cool (no homo). OMNIKROM TROP BANANE. Listen carefully and you will hear a Mr Freeze reference, the ultimate summer snack.

Number two. Another electro rap/ synth pop song from MTL. NUMÉRO # the song is called HIT POP (maybe what electro rap should be called?). The singer is from France but the DJ is from Montréal. They operate in Québec. Pretty rad song so even if it didn't have a video I put it on.

Number three. We get into Mount REAL shit, REAL CITY WHAT. Into french rap proper, none of this electro shit. My favorite francophone rapper of all time SANS PRESSION. He's my second favorite rapper after Biggie. That's saying a lot coming from a head like me. Sans Pression rhymes like a lot of kids at my school spoke. It's a dialect that many francos couldn't understand. He always had a huge place in our cd players. Anyways the song is NUMÉRO 1. The video features pro mma fighters and boxers from Québec. The best "Canadian" fighters are french. GSP came out to this song in his last title defense. Also French rappers in Canada sell more records than English-Canadian rappers (sorry kardinal). Which proves my theory I developed in Toronto, WE AIN'T WHITE, WE FRENCH. He also shout outs the Democratic Republic of Congo in this song... Heavy.

Man I can't even call this bonus cause it's so good. These guys are the ones that exploded French rap. Chuck D told me France was the second country of hip hop. Mc Solaar was the originator but IAM took it to the next level. A big time crew from Marseilles, a tough as nails city where they speak with a messed up accent. These guys came out with a song that featured WU TANG. It made kids "go shit, Wu Tang is rapping alongside french dudes." It really validated the language for me. Anyways this was a really long time ago and French rap is huge now. This guy Booba is ultra popular, he's a parisian 50 cent. K-maro is like a Lebanese usher. It got REAL commercial (the electro shit is a breath of fresh air yet it's also poked at in this song). IAM came out recently with a song called COUPE LE CAKE. The video is hilarious and they really don't take themselves seriously but they are telling these kids "we gave this to you, we gave you a piece of the cake. Remember that we were wolves and you are being kitty cats and it's time that you make an effort for the younger generations." Wow I spoke too much, you HAVE to watch this video!

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