Thursday, September 25, 2008

and still i surrendered

Today I was thinking that soul destroying relationships are pretty epic. I think the stories that stem from the evil in men's (men as the human race, obvz) hearts are well worth the pain and anguish. The other day I downloaded a bunch of universally accepted "classic" albums and I must say my sphincter was well blown off. Today's post will be abnormally better than what my loyal readers are used to.

I was reading the last Rolling Stone interview with Kurt Cobain and he doesn't stop about how much he loves R.E.M., the kid idolized them the way I idolize Lifetime. At first I was saying "WTF, that Cobain sure was crazy." But It didn't take me long to also say "well if they're good enough for Kurt, they're good enough for me." So I downloaded what I gather to be their most important album MURMUR. I must say, Kurt was spot fuckin on with this one. One of the stand out tracks (and obvious single) RADIO FREE EUROPE is the song today. However, I forgoed the musicvideo and went for their appearance on Letterman. Pretty much, a band and a tvhost when they were still cool.

The second stop on this classic adventure is with yet again, THE ROLLING STONES. Like I promised myself on an earlier post I did indeed check some of their stuff. The album Aftermath is still my favorite but Exile On Main St. is a really close second. I was reading up on the creation of the album and it's pretty much the coolest thing ever. They recorded most of it in a French mansion that was used by the Nazis as a Gestapo HQ in France! Apparently there were swastikas everywhere in the architecture. It was also done at the height of Keith Richards' heroin addiction and for a longtime the house was filled with junkie artists just hanging out. Just imagining arguably one of the greatest music groups of all time strung the fuck out in a Nazi castle recording a double album inspired by black gospel music is beyond me. Its up there on the list of coolest things ever. Anyways I love gambling and I also think TUMBLIN DICE is the best song on the album so I give a you a live version of the song. Only thing that sucks is that the female back up vocals from the album aren't on this live vid :(

One cliche saying that is so fucking true is don't judge a book by it's cover. Christ. MY BLOODY VALENTINE, A band that since I was young knew were critically revered yet I ignored because I though their name was stupid. Seriously. I could not fathom a band being good with a name like MY BLOODY VALENTINE. The other day I buckled and downloaded just to see what the god damned hype was about. I listened to it while getting my pre-drink on aaaand I was pretty much like the black guy from mad TV in the backseat of Travolta and Jackson's car in Pulp Fiction. My mind was THAT blown, chunks of skull and brain all over the place. I really can't describe it. It's like being in a river or something, haha. I wish I could see them in Toronto TONIGHT but no dice :( the song is ONLY SHALLOW.


SONIC YOUTH, TEEN AGE RIOT. I've talked about them before. Off their definitive album DAYDREAM NATION. One love.


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