Thursday, September 18, 2008

Chances are that I might

Tonight is improvisation at the university of ottawa. This year I am retired as a player and I'm coaching a team. Today is the equivalent to a scouting combine as I plan out my draft picks. I have decided to have a coaching alter ego, I am calling myself Bobby Knight. I would like to think we both have the same fire in our portly bellies. Today's theme is cool girls making music RIGHT NOW.

When my grandmother passed away a year ago last Thursday (I will do a post about her passing in the coming weeks) I went over to Scotland for the funeral. One of the only positives is that music television is A LOT better in the U.K. they have like 15 channels and random acts get blown up pretty easy. The current artist being hyped while I was there was KATE NASH. Her songs were catchy as fuck. Her songs kind of reminded me of Dashboard Confessional (which is deep in the guilty pleasure vault). I was hesitant of hyping her back here. I was at Zaphod's this winter and her song Foundations came on and I yelped out that I loved it. I was really embarrassed but at the same time it felt like a giant weight came off my chest. I came out of the Kate Nash closet. I like Kate Nash. I said it. Deal with her most recent video PUMPKIN SOUP. I want a dumpy GF so bad.

Now I have always loved the shit out of Sweden. Can that country be any better? They are like the goddamned Japan of the western world. I bet that they shit out gilk (gold+silk combo). Anyways back in 2002-2003 there was Swedish invasion. 5 years later the "next big thing" coming out of Sweden is LYKKE LI. Going the Annie route of making pop music but bypassing the normal commercial avenues. Bjorn's (of Peter Bjorn and John) production seems what a high fashion magazine would sound like if it were music (if that makes any effing sense). If I had limitless resources I would get her to front toronto acid hardcore band Fucked Up. A modern day Velvet Underground and Nico. Shit would be off the chain. song is LITTLE BIT

Finally we have a brand spanking new video. Brooklyn's VIVIAN GIRLS. I've been listening to a lot of Jesus and Mary Chain these days as well as being an eternal fan of surf guitar and this comes along and slaps me in the mouth, WOW. I'm putting their re-issued self titled album on my records to be downloaded A.S.A.P. list. Not only is this song (TELL THE WORLD) blowing me away (perfect to listen to when I get back from getting liquid at the bars) but the video is AMAZING. Pure B-Movie/ David Lynch ish without trying too hard. Get wise to this shit for real children.


Matt Curran said...

the jesus and mary chain are stellar. I like your blog bud!!!

big baby campbell said...

thanks bro! I truly appreciate it.