Tuesday, September 23, 2008

She's got her own motivation

One meal a day is working amazing not only in terms of me feeling awesome but the hatred it garners. People will trip out about a single meal more than they will about important issues in today's A.I.G.-less world. In my everlasting me against the world mentality I will dedicate this post to punk/hardcore bands with singers that rarely wear shirts and could beat the shit out of me, a very elite club my friends. If these knuckles good talk.

First up let's go classic. BLACK FLAG. People generally love this band more than anything from that era which always perplexed me. I guess it's the logo, the fact they toured like motherfuckers and their sound is less screamy. Another thing I find funny about fans of this band is they always like to make the point that Henry Rollins isn't their favorite Black Flag frontman. Sure he becomes more and more of a parody of himself as the years go on but come on, he's the coolest frontman. Accept this. The song is called TV PARTY and its one of their catchiest. Shout out to Monday Night Football!

Now we go from L.A. to N.Y.C. to one of my favorite HC bands in the entire world. MADBALL. Now they really differ from a lot of NYHC probably because they were born and raised in NYC and didn't just move there. They are way tougher and don't care at all about vegetarianism or straight edge. That being said they are political when it comes to immigration issues in the states as many members are latin american. Their sound is a bit more slowed down as well. I saw them last summer for the second time and when I came out I had blood on my tshirt that wasn't mine. As I was chilling infront of Babylon with Josée Business and Jayhu we saw hoya (the huge latino bass player), I walked to him and gave him a now legendary pound. Check out DOWN BY LAW and see what I'm talking about.

Finally we go to Toronto (yack). I figure I have to showcase this band for those who don't know what I'm talking about when I mention them all the time, FUCKED UP. They are taking hardcore in a really interesting generation. Although I love their collections of singles (epic in minutes) their their 2 most recent releases have been really cool trippy mind fucks and not in a dumb way. I feel like they really "get it". Their singer Pink Eyes aka Father Damian is a king publicity guy which is good. Hardcore shuns marketing too much. Anyways they have no music videos that I know of(which is surprising). On many of their live videos the sound isn't too good but hey what can you do. They are fucking crazy live, I am thinking about going to see them this Halloween in Toronto which would be huge for me (i.e. not going to Halloween hardcore in ottawa). check out BAITING THE PUBLIC!


DIDDY has an online song with T.I's swagger like us beat (but modified). The song is called SWAGGER LIKE PUFF. I must say its kinda cool. Fun to see Puff Daddy back to trying to be a rapper. He's got some pretty good lines in this. The video is another of his ridiculous youtube clips which it makes it oh so much better. Trucks with no doors, wtf. Bad Boy record por la vida.

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Josée "Danger" Blouin said...

hoyapound 4 lyfe.

only true noellas can pound it with hoya.