Tuesday, September 16, 2008

We can achieve it, we can achieve it

Past few posts have been hip-hop centric and who wants to be a race traitor? (JKING LOLZ), so this post is going to be white to appease all you secret racists. I am watching MTV live right now and they are featuring a video I featured a couple of weeks ago, they should hire my god damned ass. (I am in the process of applying to MTV networks usa for real!)

First band of the day called the THE MUSLIMS kinda like Lifetime in the sense that it's an impossible to google name. But yeah they've been around for awhile I guess and they kinda obviously get compared to The Strokes but with a more rural (hence whiter) c.c.r.ish vibe. The way I see it is that it's gonna be a good for now but easily forgotten. Kinda like The Strokes. I like the video and how the singer just looks like he doesn't give a shit about his band. Gotta love fellow assholes. Song is EXTINCTION.

Next up is a legendary band that is probably the only good thing (barring a few Montréal Canadiens prospects) to ever come out of Minnesota. HUSKER DU. Originally a hardcore punk act on SST (maverick indie label) their sound evolved to be more melodic and they eventually signed to a big label. They influenced a whole gang of poppier indie that came after. Muy blanco. The song is MAKES NO SENSE AT ALL off their final SST album. There's also a cover of the Mary Tyler Moore theme song on this clip.

Next up is motherfuckin COLD WORLD. Pennsylvania HC band that has a little bit of hip hop influence (mainly intro-outros). I really like them and rank them high in terms of current HC acts. They have a new album that I need to listen to ASAP. The song is REFUSE TO LOSE. Pink Eyes from Fucked Up hyped them up on MTV live which I thought was cool.


Echk, I think I'm going to be embarassed for posting this. One band I liked as a very young kid (and still like today) was The Cramps which got me into the whole psychobilly thing. Anyways this band has a shitty name THE CREEPSHOW and they are from Burlington Ontario (which also sucks). Whatever I think the video looks good and it sound a lot like the ambient music from wicked new HBO show True Blood. Ugh I might regret this. Song is called THE GARDEN.

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