Saturday, September 13, 2008

And we could all use a little change


Ok ok ok I gotta go to a house party real quick but I just got put on to a brand fuckin new video that made want to post bad. I'm going over to Kappanther's pad to ball out and get juiced for real. Step into liquid kate bosworth/Duke Kahanamoku style. Mad liquid. Mash it up style. This is me trying to advance slang technology like only eazy iain knows how. Trying to bust a nut and make buck is today's theme. Huslting international.

So we're going to start with an easy intro into the world of Grime (England's modification of Hip Hop). DIZZEE RASCAL, fairly big you might know him. Math + English was a good album if not more americanized (the song feat UGK reps hard). This is a pure story telling song which really takes you to the staircases of London's estates. The video has a real cool concept. The song is SIRENS.

BUT that's not what I'm hyping right now. Grime's kinda been quiet. KANO's coming out with a new album at the end of September and if this song is any indication it's going to be mads Haïti (means good/nuts.). The song is called HUSTLER and the video is a MUST WATCH for any The Wire fan. It's got that real Barksdale high rise feel kinda like young stringer bell who still wants to kill slick talking hoppers. FUCK ITS GOOD. Grime's back.

Now I talked sorta bad bout BOOBA who I call the French fitty. Listening to this song I gotta say his flow has something to it. He's way more aggro than fitty. The Warriors influence on the video. Dig GARDE LA PÊCHE. (translates to a combo of chill/shut the fuck up).


MANU MILITARI a Montréal white rapper who is maybe the best from a lyrical stand point. N.2 MTL conventional rapper. If you don't speak french you might not like the song as much because it is really lyric driven. The song is about bombing shit aka grafitti. It's real fuckin good, there's the shake of a spray can in the beat! L'EMPREINTE is the song.

you're welcome.

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