Sunday, October 19, 2008


This is something new for Youth Anthems. I am going to try my hand at true rock journalism and review a record and why not start with something that is real close to home Ottawa's own BRIGHTS and their debut release HEARTBREAKERS.

Before I get into the album proper let's talk about my first experience with BRIGHTS. Summer of 2007. The Transit (who are probably my second favorite Ottawa band ever) are playing a true last show. I need closure for this band that was so important to me yet I did not buy a ticket in time before it sold out. Brights were playing their first show as the opener and one of their members Ross was kind enough to sell me a ticket. SWEET, I get to see The Transit. Standing in the basement of endhits I think of my years in the Ottawa scene thinking of all the great and often underrated bands that truly influenced my life. I turn to a friend of mine (jayhu? hooligan?) and I say "wow, with Transit completely done Ottawa officially has no more good bands." It killed me to say this but the days of Course of Action, Miles Between Us and Roads to Shiloh seemed so far away. Brights are setting up and I'm like alright whatever gimme the transit. Their first song wasn't even done and I turn to that same friend and I say "I officially retract my previous statement, these guys rule". Now they have their first release out on burgeoning record label SQUARE UP and even in that basement I couldn't forsee this. Truly great songs recorded and packaged at a level that makes me think theses guys are making an honest attempt at making this band a success outside of the confines of the 613/819. One thing I like about this is that's it an EP 5 songs, no bullshit. No bullshit being the overall vibe I get from this band. "Emotional" punk has changed a lot in the past couple of years and it has grown into what I would consider to be a bloated and disgusting monster. Brights truly evoke a feeling of having lived this scene for years and still contributing because they have to not because it's cool. The days when emo was still an inside joke and the haircuts were stupid but not THAT stupid. Pretty much the good old days (if there is such a thing) for people in their early to mid twenties. There's a fine line between sounding honest and sounding cheesy as hell. Brights are firmly entrenched on the honest side of things which is what makes it rise above most bands in the genre. Key tracks to listen to are HOME and HEARTBREAKERS, luckily they are on their myspace .

Youth Anthems gives HEARTBREAKERS an 8 out of 10. If these kids really work at it I would expect big things.

you can and should buy the record at interpunk, endhits and surely a bunch of other places.

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