Thursday, October 23, 2008

Never could imagine there were only

Sorry to whoever cares that I haven't posted much of anything this week. Combination of lack of time and a little bit of a natural downer. I spoke with Korea-Myriam on the phone today. Always good speaking to someone who can call me out on my bullshit. She can sometime step out of bounds like when she laughed at me cause I said I'm into JOY DIVISION theses days... Fuck that shit is all I had to say about that. This is my current jam. Like I am fucking obsessed with this song. I listened to Closer in it's entirety before going to the bar on Saturday and DECADES just punched me in the face. My dream would be to see this covered by Buried Inside and stretched out to like 15 minutes. That and the idea that this is the last thing my blood brother Ian Curtis said to the world. Way heavy, but heavy in a good way.

Gonna double pack it and hit you with a live video of COLONY. One of the chunkier JD tracks. It still blows my mind that working class guys from shitty ass manchester came up with this amazing music.

One love.

BONUS. The new MATT AND KIM video. happy Thursday kids, and I really fucking mean it. Yesterday sucks and tomorrow is going to be hell so why not hold hands right now!

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