Saturday, October 25, 2008

give me something to break

Saturdays are funtimes. Deal with songs that were major funtimes for me as a chubby kid in my friend's garage.

if you listen real closely you can hear a bit of nirvana in this song. FOO FIGHTERS, BIG ME.

my friend charles got me this for my birthday. we thought this c.d. was revelation, no joke. THE OFFSPRING, COME OUT AND PLAY.

My sister and I used to sing this shit all the time (pathetic I know). My dad got mad at us cause he said it was about drugs. Somehow everything was related to drugs. He also had an equation that drugs equaled murder. Whatever, I think it holds up. GREEN DAY- WHEN I COME AROUND.

My friend's big sister's boyfriend put us on to this shit. He also smoked and had a knife. Looking back he was in grade 10 and was probably pimply and as dorky as fuck. But shit, in grade 6 he scared the shit out of us and we thought he was the epitome of cool. Sawry for the lack of video. MISFITS, WHERE EAGLES DARE.

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