Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I know who I want to take me home

My birthday was last Thursday and I have to say I'm still sort of recovering. I had my birthday at a very small ultra english pub which has sweet ambiance and decor (haha). A whole bunch of my friends showed up and I was really fucking happy. Normally my birthday is a bust cause of Thanksgiving but this year I hit publicity hard. The bar was mostly filled with my crew and it warmed my heart. The creepy regulars were really happy to have excitement in their lives. One psycho old dude challenged me to a push up competition. So much fun. Biggest highlight really was my PARENTS COMING. Not only did they show but they stayed and drank! People bought me too many drinks and I started getting a bit slurry. Whatever it was my birthday. The saturday I went to a pretty fun hardcore show and a REALLY cool afterparty. Had some awesome conversations that went on till 6am and made some new friends (degrassi theme song style).

Today's theme = drugs.

Now I don't condone drug use and I know many people for whom it fuuuuuuuuuuuucked up their lives. I'm talking heroin overdoses here. That being said some music that came from people doing way too much drugs is sorta good and the videos are really out there. Let's start with COCAINE. The obvious choice here is RICK JAMES. Most people our age know him from the Chappelle's Show sketches. The video is GIVE IT TO ME BABY. This song is about a woman who doesn't want to have sex with Rick James because she's sleeping and he's coming back drunk as fuck from the bar. WTF! Also you can see that the Chappelle sketch is not at all embelishing how fucked up Rick James was. He can't contain himself he looks at directly at the camera as much as he does the girl in the video, total cokehead. Cocaine's one hell of a drug.

Next up is Marijuana. Probably the drug after alcohol which is most popular and influential amongst artists. Too many choices. I picked my favorite weed song BONZAÏON by LOCO LOCASS. A song about a mythical super strain of ganja. The part at the end when they say mêlé, mêlé (messed up, messed up) is soooooo good. This song needs to get remixed or mashed up hard.

Finally the video most affected by a drug. ECSTASY. This video might not show any real rave scenes but when I think back to 90's electronic music culture in all its ridiculousness this video really sums it up well . PRODIGY, OUT OF SPACE. In high school I met one of my best friends to this day Zachary "Truniversal God Allah" Chamberlain. He put me on to The Prodigy (notably their earlier stuff) which I love to this day. He also had an older sister who was bigtime into the rave scene and some little nuggets of coolness trickled down from her through zach to me. Always hated raver style but liked a lot of the music. This video is the one video you HAVE to watch. Great, messed up stuff. Ectasy is funny to laugh at but neeeeever to do!


boy you know I had to hit you with more prodigy! NO GOOD (START THE DANCE)

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