Thursday, October 16, 2008

Would you lie would you remember

Not much going on these days apart from me being way pumped for the Habs starting out their season on a good foot. I really have high hopes pour le C-H this year. No ones got history like us, no ones got love like us!

Semi new stuff today.

I'm going to start you off with a FUCKED UP double pack. Fucked Up are one of my favorite hardcore bands today and I have already posted about them. Like I said before they are good at publicity but I truly believe that publicity or whatever is part of true art. Fucked Up really attack every aspect of being a band. Performance, recording, packaging, politics and personality. They used to be cool to like but now they are getting cool to hate. I think that's bullshit. I am normally the first guy to hate on shit but I just can't with them. They are putting out some of the coolest most mental records ever to come out of hardcore. Serious. The Chemistry of Common Life is going to go down as a classic. That being said they are sort of like a folk band in the sense they modify a lot of their songs for live performances. The first clip is the song TWICE BORN recently performed at MTV live canada. Crazy fucking performance. The best part though is my good friend JAYHU (aka jehu butcher of the omrides) is in this video. He's the guy wearing a blue and yellow tshirt with the # 95 on the back he also gets security out of the way so the kids can get into the washroom. I swear this guy is the best ever. One of the only people I can say with 100% certitude will be a lifer veteran in hardcore, shit he ALREADY is a vet.

Second video is from a 12h marathon they did in NYC the other day. Its a cover of BLITZKRIEG BOP with motherfucking MOBY on guitar.

Next we have a double pack of SIMIAN MOBILE DISCO. A band I don't really know that well but Paul G put me on to the other day. The song is HUSTLER pretty much one of the best videos ever. Oddly enough they made a new video for the song that came out his week. It's good but the old one is better due to babes getting all indigo girls like. I'm posting both so you can choose which one is the best. Youth Anthems: fair and balanced.

the old one

the new one


Jay-Hu said...

One love.

paul said...

jehu i don't c u!
that simian record is a year old but i think it has survived past blog hype or whatever.