Tuesday, October 7, 2008

On a sentimental noose

Ok this post really hit me sideways. I was reading a great Ottawa blog OTTAWA EXPLOSION
and their most recent post introduced me to something mindblowingly awesome. BACK PORCH VIDEOS a cable access show from Michigan that ran during the 80s. They were live for 3 hours every week and played music videos, showcased live bands and played records. On top of that the entire staff was comprised of HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS. Just seeing them go really makes me think of what I want Youth Anthems to be and evoke. Just a love of music and having fun all while being motivated by and maintaining the fire and vigor of youth. I have spoken to some friends about taking Youth Anthems to public access television and seeing this really amazes me. That being said they had a million dollar studio being backed by a famous DJ and they were around when video was just blowing up. Still though, one can dream. I think the concept of having a bunch of kids hang out and talk about stuff in an interactive setting and integrating listening to music and music videos could work. You know talking celebrity gossip, politics, cheesy issues like aids and sweet arguments about sports. MTV Canada's aftershow has the hanging out aspect now just merge that with the old school and I believe it would attract kids back to the television set. Have a live online chat at the same time and you're set. dreamjob!

Ok. I will play some videos from BACK PORCH TV that were made when they didn't have a video for the song. Starting with anti-racist Welsh skinhead band THE OPPRESSED with SKINHEAD GIRL. The hosts just seem to be having so much fun. I am thinking about shaving my head bald just to see how warped by skull really is and to truly appreciate the hugeness of my dome. I would have to wear suspenders just to not look like I have cancer.

Next up is THE MISFITS with ASTRO ZOMBIES you should already know what it is. One of their only non static age good songs. You can really feel the punk kid nostalgia oozing out of this clip. It makes me so sad/happy...

Finally we have a video that is CRUSHINGLY nostalgic for me. Because the song already makes me long for another time A NEW ENGLAND by BILLY BRAGG. That and the kids just seem so beautiful and lucky at this crossroads of their lives. Kinda like when you see the future C.E.O., the future convict, the future sad old lonely man in a an old highschool year book just going crazy and having fun together during a lunch time activity or chilling outside in the parking lot. A perfect moment frozen and preserved forever in photography after which the crashing waves of time will destroy those innocent hearts... sigh. Wow, I can't believe I wrote that. Fuck I'm a loser, haha. Enjoy the amazing song bitches!

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