Saturday, October 4, 2008

A reason for living. A deeper meaning.

As I write this I am in my room in the dark listening to Neil Young's "After the Gold Rush". I'm sipping on tall cans of juice and thinking about going out tonight. I'm really feeling it right now. Which roughly translates to me being embarrassed of a drunk post. That being said I'm just gonna avoid criticism by making a post themed on quasi embarrassing songs.

n.1. HOT CHIP. An synth pop band that are just weird and are getting enough hype. But that's not what's embarrassing, its the fact that I actually like this song because of the wrestling theme. As a kid I LOVED professional wrestling and I rarely admit this. The lyrics are cheesy. Cheesy lyrics are only cheesy if you want them to be. The song is called WRESTLING.

Next up is LIL WAYNE. An artist I blast a lot for being fucking stupid. Like deciding to be a crack dealer after 5 albums or wearin blue bandannas at one point and then deciding to be a blood. The song is called DONT TRIP. I actually like it apart from his disingenuous line saying he's "up in little haïti". I am more Haïtian than Lil Wayne and I am actually not kidding. That being said I straight up love this song.

Finally we have a terrible and terribly catchy song by THE WOMBATS called LETS DANCE TO JOY DIVISION. Which is about dancing to joy division. If you listen to the lyrics you will literally want to kill yourself. That being said I was driving alone late at night coming back from MTL and I actually sang along to the song while it played on the radio. Probably one of the lowest moments of my life. Fuck, I can't believe I am opening up like this to the internet world, revealing my darkest secrets.

i'm drunk.

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