Wednesday, November 19, 2008

And they're gone so fast

Yo I watched the movie Kids the other day and it was fucked up. I first saw it when I was the age of the characters I was like "what's the big deal?" it seemed 100% normal to me. Whoa, seeing it now I saw that it's fucked and almost child porn. Anyways I think I like it a lot more now. The girl I used to sit next to in the 7th grade was OBSESSED with the movie. She's now a stripper, oh well. That got me thinking to the 90's and how things are similar yet so different. Notably what kids consider to be "emo". I remember hating the concept of emo as an up and coming hardcore kid but always liking a lot of the bands. The Ataris was like the worst shit to me but wow did it get so much worse. Emo went from a nerdy asshole to being bit by a radioactive spider and mutating into a horrific goth/emo monster with shit that I loathe like My Chemical Romance. So I guess this post is dedicated to when stuff wasn't that bad (in every single way).

First up is THE PROMISE RING. Wow, did I hate their name. They were really poppy and amazing. Their 1997 album Nothing Feels Good is a total home run and I think it's their best work. WHY DID WE EVER MEET? Is the song. They were one of the 90s "emo" bands to get some mainstream success so there's an actual video for this track. Jeeze look at the fashion. This song makes me think of going on The original Friendster/Mypace/Facebook but for indie/HC/emo kidz.

Going into heavier stuff is MINERAL. Texas band who gets hated on sometimes for ripping off the legendary Sunny Day Real Estate. Meh, I like Mineral more than SDRE cause i'm a philistine I guess. Anyways not to sound too emo but this is what I listen to when I am rock bottom sad. haha.

JAWBREAKER. Easily one of my favorite bands EVER. If you don't like Bivouac or Unfun you have no heart and should kill yourself. The song I will feature is BOXCAR. I love the track mainly cause of the lyrics "You're not punk and I'm telling everyone/ Save your breath I never was one" Best song about "the scene" ever. Too bad scene and scenester are dead words replaced by hip and hipster. Hipsters don't care about scenes and that kind of bums me out as I am probably 63% hipster :(


Let's wrap it up B. Cap'n Jazz who are kinda like a mix between mineral and jawbreaker. The Promise Ring was a sideproject to Cap'n Jazz. I got a double pack here. n.1. a live video of QUE SUERTE and a non video but good audio quality of PUDDLE SPLASHERS. GET ON IT, because Big Baby Campbell said so.

*drops mic* cue stone cold steve austin music.

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