Friday, November 21, 2008

And if you like to tell me maybe

Joyeux vendredi les amis!

Feel like phoning this one in here. Last night I had to decide on the improv team the U of O is sending to the national tournament. I felt like crap cutting friends of mine, the real world sucks. So to cheer myself up i've got maybe the best video of all time to give to you.

The Alchemist feat. SNOOP DOOG, JADAKISS and PUSHA T - LOSE YOUR LIFE. This is the coolest video ever. I think the things I love the most after my mother would be Halloween and gangsta rap. This video combines both into something completely and utterly perfect. A MUST WATCH VIDEO.

Next up is a weird band from Manchester. WE HAVE BAND the song is called OH. I think its just weird and pretentious enough for it to fall into the shit I like pile. That and they don't even have an EP which is cool. I like artists who make it hard for their fans to have access to their art.

Lately I have been listening to a lot of THE PIXIES so I'm gonna send you some of that goodness with the song DEBASER. One of my favorite songs of all time. That being said I think I might have posted this already... if I did that's good, double debaser.

You're welcome.


margaux said...

you totally copied my pixies post that i made last night. which also happened to be an iain campbell related post. check it out

big baby campbell said...

I had not seen it yet! wicked post though.