Friday, December 12, 2008

Hey, kid, you'll never live this down


Today's post is dedicated to la belle province. Got what's on and popping today as well as yesterday's classics. A lot of times I'm embarrassed of my French race like ponytails and sometimes being behind on the times musically. But when I watch theses videos I realize we are superior. We ain't white, we french.

N.1. VULGAIRES MACHINS great franco punk band that has grown a lot over the years and creates important music. This song is called TRIPLE MEURTRE ET SUICIDE RATÉ (triple murder failed suicide) and the video is from their newly released live DVD. Great lyrics and great energy. If you are loved in Québec they will love you forever. NOFX plays 2 nights when they come to MTL and they don't do that anywhere else.

N.2. 83 (name of the band) The best rappers to ever come out of Québec City. Kind of a joke but kind of not. They are kind of like a QBC version of Cypress Hill but with way more gang vocals. I have one of their crew t-shirts. The song is 2003's QUÉBEC GOLD about an apparently potent strain of Québec weed. Due to new technologies in indoor growing as well as cold resistant strains of pot Québec has surpassed B.C. in terms of weed exports. This song goes out to my boy Big Eagle P.

Finally we have an 18 year old girl who performs under the stage name COEUR DE PIRATE. I think will be a pretty big star. Like someone on punkottawa said she has yet to perform outside of Québec and I think once she does she will be winning that canadian critics prize. I would say she sounds like what would happen if Cat Power and Françoise Hardy had a lesbian baby together. Song is COMME DES ENFANTS.


margaux said...

wow. the last song is incredible. i need the album


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