Sunday, December 14, 2008

When will they stop?

Just when you thought you finally caught up to Youth Anthems. You arrive at the Youth Anthems safe house in Serbia. You realize the house was filled with cardboard cut outs (home alone style) and there is no party. The only clue is a note from Big Baby Campbell, it reads "dear douche, we are 5 steps ahead.". Today's post is brought to you by Korea Myriam a.k.a, K-Myr, a.k.a killa couturier a.k.a. M.Y.M.S. a.k.a. liar who promised to do a guest post and never did. Baby steps though, baby steps. For this post she hooked me up 2 videos and the third one is something I think she would like regardless.

Korea Myriam is always onto some out there stuff but it's always good. She's a non-hipster hipster making South Keys and Jonquière proud. She ends up in fashion blogs when she visits Brooklyn. So I'm like yo what are you listening to and she answers "German new wave" like if it was normal. I have no idea who DIE DORAUS & DIE MARINAS are but I like their style. The song is called FRED VOM JUPITER.

Next up is my selection. ROXANNE SHANTÉ. Legendary old school rapper song is called ROXANNE'S REVENGE. This girl stood up to KRS one. Respect. Sweet clothes in this video 80's youth culture got it right.

Finally we have something M.Y.M.S. schooled me on a few years back, SOVIET ANIMATION. CHEBURASHKA AND KROKODIL GENA. Really amazing/cute/melancholic stuff. Seriously this stuff is beautiful and worth the click.

You're welcome.


margaux said...

i have large respects for your tastes

paul said...

cool! la chanson de die doraus & die marinas me fait penser de Vive la fête "Nuit blanche"

big baby campbell said...

1. Thank you Margaux, that's a really nice thing to say.

2. yo straight up plagia!