Thursday, December 11, 2008

No me gustan ternos, mi estilo es moderno


Let's start the second post like we started the first one, with Dennis Lyxzén, the lead singer of REFUSED who went on to form true swedish invasion band THE (INTERNATIONAL) NOISE CONSPIRACY. A garagy band that went along the lines of The Hives and The Strokes except they were ultra political and less guitar driven. They played an apparently brilliant show in Ottawa that I missed cause my mom didn't let me go. That show was originally going to be with The Hives but they got signed to Warner like 2 weeks before and dropped off the tour. Bah, I give you their biggest song SMASH IT UP.

To following groupe is an all girl band called SAHARA HOTNIGHTS. Man when I first heard them and found out they were swedish I pictured the hottest blond girls ever in my head. Kindof a bummer to see they were only "regular" girls. Played some good tunez like ON TOP OF YOUR WORLD.

Finally we have a great proto-swedish invasion band that went on to have resurgence due to the wave, THE CARDIGANS. Just good straight up rock and roll and a blond singin'. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaah. (jeezy voice).

To wrap it all up we need a dose of Norwegian bitterness. Sweden's crusty evil little brother. I give you the dark lordz of all anus TURBONEGRO - DENIM DEMON. "The band's name raised some eyebrows, and for that reason their first releases were sometimes branded TRBNGR, perhaps to preclude backlash against what some consider to be a racist name. However, the band's stated motivations are anti-racist, trying to change the attitude of racism and nationalism perceived as prevalent in parts of Scandinavia. Founding member Thomas Seltzer once said, "A turbonegro is a large, well-equipped, armed black male in a fast car, out for vengeance. We are his prophets.""

You're welcome.


margaux said...

thank you for featuring one of my all time favorite bands. in return, i'll give you a home baked cookie

big baby campbell said...

thank you for the cookie! which band is you all time favorite? I'm hoping Turbonegro but I will settle for The Cardigans.

margaux said...

haha definitely the cardigans. and ONE OF my all time favorites. not #1