Thursday, December 11, 2008

My only addiction has to do with the female species

YOUTHCEMBER CONTINUES. Today I'm going to hit you with a two part post. The theme is SWEDISH INVASION. The dominance of the blondes during the early to mid 2000s and there might be a special appearance from some Norwegian kids. NOOF please. Get in the YOUTH-MAS spirit and enjoy music from one of the cleanest countries in the world, I heard Swedes never grow pubic hair.

Let's start with some proto-swedish invasion. REFUSED were never part of that wave of music but they set the stage for destroying the Abba image we had of Swedes. They also made one of the most important hardcore records in history. I never saw them live but seeing Ottawa's best band Buried Inside cover them at Halloween a few years ago was pretty badass. Their big hit, NEW NOISE. Love it or love it.

THE HIVES were a pretty big band for me at the end of my high school life. My friend shoplifted their album VENI VEDI VICIOUS for me in grade 12 at the west edmonton mall. I listened to it every day when I got home and did exercise on stationary bike (although I 'm pudgy now I'm still proud of having dropped almost a 100 pounds in a few months back then). I will however be playing the song WALK IDIOT WALK which is off a later album. Why you ask? because when I was doing a bus trip accross Scotland with my then girlfriend she had a cd player with The Hives on it. We were sharing the earphones and I kept forcing her to repeat this song. Good times.

We conclude part 1 with THE SOUNDS - SEVEN DAYS A WEEK. One of the last videos I had to watch Musiqueplus 24/7 to figure out who was singing this song. Hogging the television just to get closure onto what song was in my goddamn head. The singer is very swedish and very hot. Woo. She also described american Nu-Metal as Pizza Rock (cause they looked like they ate too much pizza). Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaah. (read that like it was young jeezy saying it).

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