Thursday, January 22, 2009

allez en faire de la purée, EN FAIRE DE LA PURÉE!

I wasn't gonna blog today but I was on my RSS shit and I saw real as fuck KENZA doing multiple post including a Sean Paul AND Dag Nasty video. A.K.A. she came at us with some real shit. I couldn't just sit here, people would start thinking I'm soft. So I'm giving you the most realest shit that's coming out of the Caribbean TODAY no peaceful old school stuff.

Let's start soft with big time celebrity Daddy Yankee. Fighting out of San Juan, D.Y. was capable of becoming a commercial star yet maintain his street respect. Even haters in Puerto Rico knowledge he's the boss. The video features fighting strippers and real dog fighting, this shit is tough. DADDY YANKEE FT DON OMAR - SUGOROSKI GATA GANGSTER

In my opinion the best reggae artist out right now, MAVADO. He's got the smoothest voice yet brings the hardest lyrics. I've posted a lot of his stuff in the past but this is the first big budget video. This video is worth it just for his cool fucking outfit he has at the beginning. I want my local hangspot to have my name spray painted on it just like Mavado. MAVADO - LAST NIGHT.

Finally we have grimiest shit of the day a PORT-AU-PRINCE TRIP PACK. Starting out with the group MAJIK CLICK the song is TOUT MOUN AP MANDE. The beat is so fucking good and the voices are so raspy. Fuck I love how hard this sounds. Next up are some BARIKAD CREW (rip) joints. JISKOBOU is the first song and the video is about dark fucking voodoo shit and it's gory. If you read the preceding sentence and didn't want to click this video yous a shook one. Followed by their 2006 carnaval song TRIP NA TRIP. This song has an sunny yet depressed feel which is what living in the poorest country of the western hemisphere must feel like. THIS VIDEO ALSO HAS THE BLACKEST OF HAITIANS WEARING A LARRY BIRD CELTICS JERSEY, SO AMAZING.




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