Tuesday, January 27, 2009

do i frighten you?

Sup internet friends? Yesterday I was pretty bummed on life (probably S.A.D.). Today I wrote a long letter to my good friend in Saskatchewan and I came to the realization that I need a woman in my life. I have been single since the end of last school year! Friggin almost a year in like late May. I have observed changes in how I run my life single and let me tell you it's no good. A GF keeps me organized and much more accountable for my actions. I have been not giving a fuck these past months and have felt cold nothingness in the part of my soul that is supposed to make me have crushes. Today I have decided to change this because I fear this to be a vicious cycle that will surely end in homelessness or being the manager of a horrible suburban grocery store. I NEED WARMTH! Pretty much I gotta quit being a pussy and try to make moves even if it means certain embarrassment and terrible sadness fueled poetry. The payoff is worth it! Essentially I gotta get my game a lot tighter than where it is right now. Getting down to dating weight, finishing school, having my room be spotless and female ready! Today those things seem almost impossible but tomorrow I will be closer to my goal! Todays videos are sort of related to the trite I just wrote.

Kind of describes the end of the relationship I had for the majority of my university life. I know it's played out but whatever. KATE NASH - FOUNDATIONS.

If my future shorty could at least tolerate this band that would be sweeeeeet. CRO-MAGS - WE GOTTA KNOW

And finally this describes pretty much what I need. Great song that BRIGHTS covered at Halloween, the picture on the top right of this blog is me singing along to this. HA-HA. BLINK 182 - JOSIE.