Sunday, January 11, 2009

'cause I can't figure out what you're thinking about

Man youthcember sure was great wasn't it? I had a super relaxing xmas break I watched like 45 movies and listened to like 20 albums in their entirety. I'm watching the shitty ass golden globes right now hoopdreaming about what kind of speech I would give for a bigtime movie award. I got like 4 good ones, now all I need to do is become a famous movie star. Before I can do that I gotta finish my master's degree which is a sobering thought. Today's theme is electronic music I listened to in the late 90s really early 2000s.

Number one is crazy german group ATARI TEENAGE RIOT. Group leader Alec Empire pushed what he called digital hardcore and was trying to bring in punk ideals inside of the then huge electronic music scene. Its kind of hard to listen to for normal people. This song is called REVOLUTION ACTION and has a pretty cool video.

Next up is a band that was heavily featured on my diamond rio aka the first ever mp3 player. I had room for like 10 songs (more if I degraded the quality). ASIAN DUB FOUNDATION, south asian guys from england making some world music fusion shit with a lot of dub, dancehall and jungle influence. Kinda similar to M.I.A. in a lot of ways. I think this holds up and will make an effort to listen to more of their stuff. The song is NEW WAY, NEW LIFE. The video is cool and you should click.

Finally we have maybe the biggest electronic act from that period THE PRODIGY. I have talked about them before in my drug post. Really one of my favorite bands from that time in my life. Shout out to Zakon Unique for putting me on to this. Again a really cool video that's worth watching VOODOO PEOPLE. I would blast this and play Goldeneye deathmatch on n64. Oh man, best times.

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