Wednesday, January 14, 2009

i like my menstruations fashionably late, it makes life exciting.

Children!Your favorite blogger/skinhead is back! This post is dedicated to me being worthy of late passes on jams. I might be late on these compared to blogdom but I'm early compared to most of you biters. Get at me.

First up is WALE (pronounced wah-lé) a rapper who made big noise with his Seinfeld inspired Mixtape (about nothing). He's from D.C. the whole rap game has his back (clipse included) just smile and nod cause this shit is the shit. Song is called NIKE BOOTS, can't go wrong rhyming about shoes.

Deuxièmement is THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM. I just downloaded their sweet album The 59 Sound. All my friends were on to this and I was just to lazy to get it. I really regret it. Song is OLD WHITE LINCOLN. High top sneakers and sailor tattoos are awesome.

Finally we have my greatest late crime. BOB FUCKING DYLAN. I saw him in concert 2 summers ago and was severely dismissing his old ass. But I finally decided to give him another chance. When you get older if you're not careful you will also start to become lame. This might be a bold statement but pre electric Bob Dylan is the only Bob Dylan I can get into. Luckily I am getting obsessed with straight folk revival Dylan. THE TIMES THEY ARE A-CHANGING is one of the most beautiful songs ever written. Free Gaza.


margaux said...

songs about nikes are always great for some reason.

i know everyone and their mom thinks the gaslight anthem is the most perfect thing since the invention of the automobile but i just don't get what's so special. not into the vocals and sounds like a million other bands i didn't ever like that much. maybe i'm wrong cause i've only given a few songs a chance or two, but whenever i try to put it on i'm just like enh and i put on something better.

and bob dylan? you're too late for a late pass really you're like a 24 year old trying to get into elementary school but i forgive you. i pretty much get late passes on everything

big baby campbell said...

Yeah Gaslight does sound like a lot of other stuff (that I like) I just think they execute better than the current field.

24 year old in an elementary school? I wish, I would DOMINATE recess.