Wednesday, January 7, 2009

dispatches from the trillion year old city on the face of mars

Shout out to black people making nice music in the 60s despite living through some bullshit.

ARETHA FRANKLIN - SAY A LITTLE PRAYER FOR YOU. My favorite song right now. Also yung Aretha is a blueprint for how fatgirls can look good.

JACKSON 5 - I WANT YOU BACK. Watch the Lil Rapist work his maaaaaaagic!

OTIS REDDING - SITTING ON THE DOCK OF THE BAY. One of the most crushingly depressing songs I have ever heard.

JAMES BROWN - IT'S A MAN'S MAN'S MAN'S WORLD. I would kill almost anybody to bring him back to life.

Not black but still awesome THE SHANGRI-LAS - OUT IN THE STREETS.

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